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Ericsson G35
Fixed Wireless Terminal
for GSM/EDGE Networks



If you require the security and convenience of battery power, this internal rechargeable battery charges when the unit is connected to mains power.

Talk Time: 2.5 hrs
Standby Time: 13.5 hrs


The DC/DC Power adapter powers the G35 from a vehicle or boat battery and is a useful accessory for solar power applications

DC Input: 10-32V
DC Output: 7.5V


An external antenna can connect to the G35 to improve reception in areas where coverage is poor.

The Laser 710 Wallmount antenna offers a 5db gain and includes a 5m or 10m cable and wall mounting bracket


The antitheft lock serves as an anti-theft device to secure the G35 to a wall.

A plastic key to lock and unlock the unit from the wall is included with this kit

The Remote Management Interface cable enables you to modify the settings of the G35 from a remote location.

The System Interface Cable is used for software upgrades and tracing using Hyperterminal



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