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Ericsson G32
Fixed Wireless Terminal
for GSM/EDGE Networks


Ericsson G32


Ericsson’s G32 Fixed Wireless Terminal

The Ericsson G32 Fixed Wireless Terminal is the natural choice for providing fixed services to residential users, small office or home office businesses.

The G32 is the ultimate mobile communication device, as it offers voice, fax and internet capabilities over the mobile phone networks without the need for a fixed line.

What is a Fixed Wireless Terminal?

The G32 is a GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal that acts like a GSM Gateway between a landline handset, fax machine or computer, and the mobile network.

This fixed wireless terminal is a fully integrated device that offers users voice, fax and internet communication over the cellular network. The G32 has the crisp voice quality and dial tone equivalent to that of a fixed line. For more information visit www.fixedwirelessterminal.com


How does a Fixed Wireless Terminal work?

The Ericsson G32 Fixed Wireless Terminal can connect to landline telephones, fax machines and personal computers.The unit take any standard GSM SIM card and sends all calls over the cellular network; allowing users to make voice calls, send faxes and access the internet in remote areas.

Why the G32?

Ericsson’s expertise in the fixed wireless market, combined with the G32’s offerings of freedom of location, reliability and ease of use make the G32 the ultimate mobile communication device.

The G32 can be located up to 600 metres from telephone, fax and PC equipment, giving users the choice of which location best suits their needs. An integrated modem and “Always Connected” capability, easy installation and remote management capabilities ensures the user benefits from the G32’s excellence in convenience and technology.




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