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Ericsson G30
Fixed Wireless Terminal
for GSM/EDGE Networks


Ericsson G30


Ericsson’s G30 Fixed Wireless Terminal

The Ericsson G30 Fixed Wireless Terminal is the natural choice for residential communication needs. Users can benefit from the G30 as it helps save on costs by turning fixed to mobile calls into mobile to mobile calls. Homes in areas lacking fixed communication infrastructure, or residents that would like to get rid of their landline, will benefit from the G30 as it operates over an existing GSM network.

What is a Fixed Wireless Terminal?

The G30 is a GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal that acts like a GSM Gateway between a landline handset and the mobile network. This fixed wireless terminal is a fully integrated device that offers users voice communication over the cellular network, with dial tone and crisp voice quality equivalent to that of a fixed line. For more information visit www.fixedwirelessterminal.com

How does a Fixed Wireless Terminal work?

This fixed wireless terminal can connect to any landline telephone. The units take any standard GSM SIM card and send all calls over the cellular network; allowing users to take advantage of more cost efficient mobile to mobile call rates and capped plans.

Why the G30?

The G30 terminal offers Ericsson reliability, extremely low failure rates and mobile network compatibility. Thanks to the simplicity of the G30 terminal, the installation can be carried out with ease. Last but not least, the G30 terminal features Remote Management capabilities that enables monitoring and management of the unit from a location of your convenience.




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